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Box CH Berne Tel. This gives the universities more time to implement their own strategy during the period. However, the scientific track record and the prospects of achieving a scientific career are part of the evaluation criteria and the age of the candidate can play a role in this context. CH grants to twenty-two young researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences. For example, some host institutions ask fellowship holders to contribute a sum of money towards the institution’s overhead. Enter and manage your applications. Whether due to motherhood, military service or an accident – researchers whose career was interrupted for a significant amount of time should not be excluded from funding.

Changes to conditions for employees funded under SNSF grants. They generally run for up to five years and have an overall budget of eight to twelve million Swiss francs. The place of research must be different from the place of education. With regard to the evaluation procedure for the 1 st phase, applicants must contact the Administration Offices of the SNSF as soon as possible, but at all events preferably at least 2 months prior to the submission deadline. Funding despite career interruptions: The grant consists of two parts:

The Foundation Council is the highest authority and makes strategic decisions. Mobility fellowship may be submitted. The explainer video depicts in dissertatioh minutes, how the decision is made as to whether their applications will be approved or not. As until now, doctoral students can only be paid under SNSF grants for a maximum of four years.

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CHF 47,; 2nd year: Mobility fellowships are designed for doctoral students who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad. Open Access to Publications E-mail oa snf. Open Access publishing made easy: The mobility grant is awarded as a supplementary grant within the scope of an ongoing SNSF project.


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The fellowships include a grant towards living costs, dsisertation flat-rate for travel expenses and, if justified, a contribution towards research and conference costs snff well as matriculation fees. In such a case, the SNSF expects the host institution to cover any financial gap.

You will find snff information on publishing grants and open access in general on the dedicated website. CH evaluated and has launched a corresponding call. Scientific organisations based in Switzerland Organisations based in Bern Foundations based in Switzerland establishments in Switzerland Organizations established in Funding bodies of Switzerland.

Holders of a foreign degree may submit an application if they have Swiss nationality. Submission deadlines 1 March and 1 September Mandated by the federal authorities, the Swiss National Science Foundation supports basic science in all academic disciplines.

snf dissertation förderung

It has never been so easy to obtain grants for open access publications from the SNSF. These rates are applicable as of the date of matriculation.

CH grant if you are a Swiss national. Other than that, the formal requirements and other provisions of the Doc. Researchers can now apply for them on the mySNF online platform — even after the project has ended. Details Career funding schemes for period: Write a doctoral thesis in the humanities and social sciences! No, the fellowship rates defined by the SNSF are binding for the year of approval.


Part of the doctoral thesis may be conducted at a host institution abroad if a corresponding request giving reasons is submitted. As of förddrung, all results will have to be available in open access. CH in the humanities and social sciences HSS. If the host institution increases the financial requirements, the SNSF will not be able to adjust the fellowship accordingly.


snf dissertation förderung

Which reasons for the extension of the eligibility period for the submission of an application are accepted? CH HSS is aimed at promising researchers who wish to write a doctoral thesis on a topic of their own choice in the humanities and social sciences in Switzerland.

sn The maximum period of employment funded by the SNSF is 4 years for doctoral students. With regard to the evaluation procedure for the 1 st phase, applicants must contact the Administration Offices of the SNSF as soon as possible, but at all events preferably at least 2 months prior to the submission deadline.

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The actual start date of the dissertation is decisive for calculating the 4-year time window. Besides the salary dissegtation the doctoral student, the grant may include a contribution towards costs directly related to project implementation.

Please clarify this with the responsible offices at the host institute as early as possible. The changes concern only employees whose salaries are charged to SNSF grants; they do not affect either grantees or applicants.