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Time is also spent with the Teacher Librarians looking at information skills. It enhances the classroom program and enables children to quickly ‘catch up’ to the average level of their class. It is necessary that all children attend excursions so we endeavour to keep costs, which are included as part of the school fees, to a minimum. Greg, I was speaking at a conference recently and showing off my array of effect size stats from various contributors as an argument for evidence based practice. OLQP has a uniform shop on the premises. Any labelled articles handed to the office are returned immediately to the child concerned.

Greg Whitby is a teacher, advocate, administrator and leader. Disease Children who have the disease case Unimmunised children who are in contact with the sick child Diphtheria Exclude until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery. Lorraine, be not afraid! At OLQP we have high expectations of all members of our community and we believe that everyone is entitled to respect and happiness. Any nits more than two centimetres from the scalp are also dead. OLQP’s library has a large collection of fiction and non fiction books to suit all reading and interest levels in the school.

Parents and Friends Association. Let us remember that As many hands build a house So many hearts make a school.

As a parish primary school we exist to provide the children with the opportunity of living in a caring, Christian community that gives witness to the Gospel values it proclaims. Children should not be sent outside the classroom or to stand outside the door for misbehaving in class.

Rubella Exclude for at least 4 days after the rash appears. Copies of all notes sent home are available on the school website. Holy spirit bless and olqqp us. In this case, it is a requirement for the parent to accompany the student to the office to fill in a late arrival slip before sending the child to class.


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Bless our school, our teachers and students Call us all to live for the truth That together as an example We will show your love and your truth. Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention that provides one-to-one teaching for children who need greater assistance in learning to read and write following their first year of school.

In addition to this, students have the opportunity to be selected, trained and entered into many competitions across the school, Zone, Diocesan, inter-Diocesan and Stage level in swimming, athletics, cross-country, soccer, netball, etc.

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English is one of the seven Key Learning Areas in the school curriculum K It could also include a learning support teacher or a former teacher of the student. Homework is given regularly to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Education Week and Book Week.

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Suow only do they become very distressed; they also run the risk of infecting other children. Reading Recovery builds on the strengths of each child and encourages them to become independent, strategic readers and writers.

Our choir students enjoy choir practice to enhance their vocal talents, guided by our wonderful Music Teachers Mrs Grella and Mrs Mahoney. This education enables children to: Hi Greg I love reading your blog.

This protects against poliomyelitis. Expectations should begin with understanding who the members of our community are and how we interact with them:.


olqp show my homework

Music Two specialist teachers are employed to implement the music program. Students who do not follow these rules are given a verbal warning for minor infringements or a playground note for more serious offences. In Drama, students will develop knowledge shos understanding, skills, values and attitudes in making, performing and appreciating by engaging in role, dramatic contexts, elements and forms.

A Volunteers form is sent home early in the first term of each school year. For at least seven days from the first shpw of jaundice. Until appropriate treatment has begun. The parish sets the timetable for the three Sacramental Programs each year and invites each family to respond to the programs offered on behalf of each child.

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By studying, responding to and creating a variety of texts, children will learn to: Morning supervision of children commences at 8: If, for a particular reason, this is deemed necessary, shwo letter must be sent to the Shlw outlining the need.

Permission will always be sought from parents before the counsellor is engaged to work with a student. Loved your comments about the need to engage in ongoing professional learning, and for teachers to see their own ongoing learning as a key factor in being able to pass that on to students. Medication cannot be administered without completed forms.