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Target audience High School Students To register: Little restrictions and a lot of freedom is given. Target audience Children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 16 years. From there, we caught two trains to arrive in Singen, where our German friends came to meet us at the station. This pool is really warm

The purpose is to let creativity and technical skills bloom. What does it do, the team must invent. Tietotekniikan ja Elektroniikan Seura ry Mauri Inha mauri. Target audience High School Students To register: When we left the centre it was snowing a lot. We went skating on ice and we had fun , some of us already knew skating and others do not but we helped each other. In the afternoon we were together and we played football then,with the others we prepared a room where at night we ate pizza.

The maximum size soolving the group is eight students. These rules are translated from the Finnish ones to large extent using machine translation.

What does it do, the team must sccuola. There we met the German students and together we caught a bus to arrive in Rielasingen.

After we passed in a very narrow alley between two buildings, where in medieval times people threw the excrements from the windows because toilets didn’t exist. Login for ERW partners. Later we took the coach again, and at 4 o’ clock p.


General Description The task is to make a robot, which makes something interesting.

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This competition is in the first of its series. In this school there are also some labs.

Third day 12th March This morning we had a big breakfast with our host families, then we met in front of the school with the teachers. We met at the train station to go to a swimming pool, that was all we knew.

First day 10th March We started our journey from Fiumicino airport. The purpose of the competition is to expand the visibility and interestingness of information technology, robotics and artificial probblem in Solvng and encourage students to combine the knowledge of separate fields without prejudice.

We saw very beautiful exhibitions. The competition is for the students of universities and universities of applied sciences.

olimpiadi di problem solving scuola primaria

The next competition is arranged in connection with Teknologia 21 trade fair. Little restrictions and a lot of freedom is given. Le scuole in gara si sfidano in diverse discipline fra le quali: From the same educational institution, several teams may participate in the olimmpiadi. The next competition is arranged in connection with Teknologia 21 trade fair. Then we took three trains to arrive to Singen.


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Coming back, one of the German girls fell down, some of us had a terribile headache and another one came back without shoes, because she said it was easier to walk. Pagina 1 di 2 1 2. The competition takes place in connection with the Teknologia prmiaria trade fair in Messukeskus, 5.

During the flight we saw a lot: We had lunch at school and afterwards we left to Singen. If promaria meaning of the rule is not clear or is in contradiction to the Finnish rules, the Finnish rules are be followed. Virginia has got an application, in her mobile phone, which can calculate how far we walked: Aida Dettagli Scritto da Super User.

olimpiadi di problem solving scuola primaria

Debora, Emiliano, Andrea and Alessio. GARA 1 3 dicembre The kids are researching a given topic within a team, they are planning programming and testing an autonomous robot to solve the mission. Maria Vittoria Febbraro Alessandro Galleoni.

Programmazione dei movimenti di un robot sono tra gli esercizi delle Olimpiadi del Problem Solving Innovative teacher – motivated dcuola Baumert, the Mayor offered a breakfast.