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Along with a focus on industry engagement and strategic communication, they critically include the Liverpool Biomedical Research Centre and the FUTURE initiative which aims to create a database of healthy volunteers who will be fully genotyped for drug disposition genes that will provide a unique resource that will facilitate early phase studies for Industry and healthcare. Our core purpose is to spread innovation, improve health, generate economic growth CPD Courses and Workshops Available. Last updated Dec 21, The views of local health stakeho We are often asked about our Unique Selling Point USP as an AHSN, and this year has clearly shown our ability to work alongside diverse organisations as a trusted partner to overcome barriers to innovation, enable action and support system integration. The network, which launched in , is one of 15 academic health science networks in England.

Our links to the alumni will enable us to develop integrated commercial and service networks to drive adoption of new technologies Capability 3 establish a knowledge centre for local SMEs as part of the Innovation Exchange eg list of grant opportunities, key NHS contacts, investors, needs or areas of interest expressed by NHS customers. To achieve this, organisations will need to develop new collaborative partnerships, seek out innovative solutions and implement them at scale and pace across the health and care system. Current guidelines promote a one size fits all approach in which, after the small minority of patients with potentially serious causes for their pain have been identified, the rest are managed as a single group under the label of non-specific low back pain. Executive Summary Searching for and applying innovative approaches to maintaining the health of citizens and delivering healthcare is an integral part of the way the NHS does business. The agreement is that wherever possible, development will be undertaken together with colleagues from across the health and social care system building relationships, networks and learning together. Prev Post Liverpool ready and rare-ing to go as fashion school gets set to launch. You might also like More from author Professional.

One in five strokes is due to AF, which is a total of around 3, per year in the region.

This workshop is the first of four on the Coaching for Safe and Improved Culture programme. Busienss innovations will then be available for other parts of the country to adopt and adapt to the particular needs of their local populations.


nwc ahsn business plan

We will respond to the needs of our citizens and drive outcomes which improve patient experience, improve health outcomes and create better value for the tax payer funding the NHS. The findings from a survey to identify local NHS innovation and research needs have been published.

Create space and ansn to work on safety issues Promote campaign materials with the website and newsletters and at meetings and events Targeted promotion to non acute providers Secure sign up from an additional non acute trust to Sign Up to Safety One more non acute provider trust will have made a commitment to Sign Up to Safety 1.

Within the Innovation Agency footprint there are six designated Vanguard sites which will take a lead on the development of new care models acting as blueprints for the NHS. This plam allow more capacity to think differently; both individually and in teams; about issues and challenges faced.

These will be substantial projects including but not limited to cocreation of new products, industry secondments into the AHSN, product evaluations and commercialisation, whereby each party will have a mwc defined role and specific deliverables Number of new products developed Number of industry secondments into the Innovation Agency Number of user trials and product evaluations Revenue for businesses from new to market hasn 3. Building new relationships between people with long-term conditions and a supportive health service.

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Our intention is to create a centre of excellence for digital communications. Existing national eg NICE and local guidelines and policies will help to identify relevant pathways and interventions.

nwc ahsn business plan

It will encompass key aspects of understanding human factors, change management, network development, and evaluation methodologies. Businrss approach is to: While this has helped us to build a reputation for advanced innovation skills and expertise in the North West, it has meant our resources have been spread widely.

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If yes, in what capacity? Alcohol excess is also a risk factor for various cancers and plays a role both as a cause and consequence of psychiatric illness. In the North West Coast there are 14, strokes per year. Academic Health Science Networks focus on the needs plaj patients and local populations.

Use our interactive map to find out more about our work. Working with a range of health care partners and charities to deliver a stroke prevention and atrial fibrillation detection campaign, potentially protecting 34 people from stroke in Lancashire and 12 in Liverpool, and achieving savings for the health economy of 1. We hope this is of help. We will learn from the success achieved by the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network and others to develop our website and social media networks, link to other existing platforms and, where needed, build new platforms.


This small number of innovations about one per quarter will be assigned an Innovation Agency kite mark and will be supported by a communications campaign to highlight the potential impact which can be achieved. Prioritise solutions that give patients access to electronic healthcare records or which create patientheld records Use social media and data visualisation techniques to engage citizens in patient safety issues, eg twitter hashtags. The findings busienss a survey to identify local NHS innovation and research needs have been published.

Medicines optimisation refer businexs Goal 1 Medicines play a crucial role in maintaining businesss, preventing illness, managing chronic conditions and ahs disease.

nwc ahsn business plan

Halton Lea in Runcorn covering residential units, and Whyndyke Farm in Fylde, Lancashire covering 1, residential units.

Healthy New Towns The background: New report maps the MedTech landscape for innovators in England.

Innovative plan for Liverpool’s health economy – Liverpool Business News

To achieve this, organisations will need to develop new collaborative partnerships, seek out innovative solutions and implement them p,an scale and pace across the health and care system. A key focus will be to break down the silos that exist between people, sectors and their current data resources opening up opportunities to develop more effective use of information to support delivery of care, cross-agency working and research.

We are working in partnership with our Local Enterprise Partnerships to develop business support programmes for small and medium sized companies in the health sector. Highlight digital innovations which match specific needs to drive improvement in the management of long term conditions see Goal 3.

This concept has gained great traction with the emergence of genomic medicine and represents one of the most important advances for the treatment of an increasing number of common diseases.