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It offers a hybrid of backup and cloud storage in a single application. Hopefully, the added live chat feature that was extended to also include technical support will speed up the support process. Compare Amazon Cloud Drive. At that time I discovered it is not possible to recover. They have lost all of my files just when I needed them. I cancelled my Just Cloud account within 30 days of registering so should have had a full refund. Just as a follow-up.

No answer from Just Cloud. They cannot access my files from a previous computer even though the info says it is there. This is now months and numerous e-mails ago and still none of my missing files are retrievable. Posting here and anywhere else I can find, to contribute to the attempt to not let this dreadful company continue to get away with it. Examples abound of JustCloud being just terrible to its customers, including relentless emails after unsubscribing and constant phone calls.

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There excuse is a server migration has gone bad. JustCloud has saved me so many times when my computer has shut down on me for multiple reasons. If I want to take photos from my phone justclkud put them onto my hardrive I have to go to the JustCloud website, look up my phone, individually select each photo and then download it to a folder on my computer. They tried to extort me by saying I was a business then deleted all of my files. The Amazon S3 program is known for being reliable, and this shows within the program.


This company lost 5. I tried a few sites non of which appealed to me, then a friend of mine told me about JustCloud. You must be an employee of just businsss.

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They reply asking for the path. They supposedly lost my data and then have been unable to restore it in 6 months. I am afraid my queries are just ending in a big black hole. All of this leads me to think to myself:. I bought a blu-ray burner and am going back old school — burning important files to disks and storing them off site. If the limit is 1TB then JustCloud should be up front about it and say so.

Customers are finding out, will find out, one by one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone. JustCloud is a fraud!

After 1 year into the second contract their product froze while backing up. Have moved to Carbonite. When I did manage to reinstall it by disabling my anti-virus, Just cloud wants me to pay for a new license.!! JustCloud also has a Knowledge Base center, where users can find installation guides, troubleshooting information, account and billing information, answers to frequently asked questions, and tutorials on how to sync, share and back up files. Unlimited no longer means unlimited.


I would have to advise you to stay clear of this company.

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These guys are unethical and their business practices border on criminal. Do NOT use them. I have just been told justcliud I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal. Just avoid these people and spread the word. I signed up for ZipCloud over about two years ago. I recently purchased a new laptop to replace an aging model. My favorite part about JustCloud is the fact that I am able to save any type of file.

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When I complained they simply blocked my account. These are indeed reasonable prices, but also not the cheapest option on the market. Hope others learn from my experience. This is bordering on becoming a scam. After several weeks, I needed to retrieve some files that I had stored in my JustCloud account, which I have had since Unless bsuiness check and update the software you are not getting any backup of your data.

There are much better options.