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Given the negative reputation of apps like Yik Yak, it is particularly important to achieve a more nuanced understanding of the interactions that take place, and to consider the positive effects that participation on these apps might have as well, especially in terms of equalizing participation and strengthening community ties. Yik Yak is about proximity. More stories about Watertown’s Knowlton Technologies. Again, Yik Yak was slow to realize the importance of such features. Yik Yak, a free social media app that allows users to leave anonymous posts, has sparked discussion within the last year regarding its content. Participant design recommendations can provide further insight into the interaction between design choices and user values and behavior Bowler, et al.

However, a parallel protest emerged on Yik Yak, where anonymous users in the campus community disparaged the sit-in, posting and upvoting increasingly racist and vicious messages targeting minority students at Colgate. A resource guide for counselors, educators and parents. Probing further into the relationship between individual characteristics and anonymity as predicted by the SIDE model, Christie and Dill analyzed the influence of individual characteristics on interpersonal relations in CMC, finding that individual levels of self-esteem, sense of autonomy, and social anxiousness affect the impact of anonymity in interpersonal interactions in CMC — those high in self esteem and low in social anxiousness were more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviors when anonymous, and those high in conformity were more likely to fall in to line with the emerging group norms. Yik Yak was originally intended for ages 17 and up; therefore, the content was not monitored. Institutions generally don’t have provisions against professors dating students they just taught. The social identity model of deindividuation effects, also known as SIDE theory, is a reinterpretation of classic deindividuation theory that places significant emphasis on the context-specific variables in a social situation. What will the use of the technology encourage users to notice or ignore?


How experience architects can build for adaptation.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

When these forces combined, Yik Yak was born to two Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers from Furman University in the year of Within great rehearse presently, it will take ten minutes.

Yik Yak accesses posts within a mile radius. So little of what I see is hate-based.

Social media have always been a space that — because of the sense of proximity — feels private, but is, in fact, public. Are they the key to preventing cyberbullying?

As a result of the threats, some students were forced to leave school for a short period for safety reasons, and many decided to move home New, What behaviors will it cultivate? Taking back power and culture in the digital age.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

Another main type of bullying? Jordan shares her story in detail and explains how the incident affected her. Learning from the case of Yik Yak, we offer a few guidelines for designing socially responsible digital platforms, by emphasizing the incorporation of moral considerations into design process.

Post-launch, it is crucial to provide a clear and helpful feedback system and customer service contacts, as the designers continue to monitor uses and problems, improving the platforms according to the feedback in a timely manner. Yik Yak was originally intended for ages 17 and up; therefore, the content was not monitored.

The internet site also listings various different chances only for members. Despite the public attention on hate or racist speech, many college student yaks are banal: Anonymity may seem like it is having a bad effect on society, but it could actually be very beneficial. Similarly, the founders of one of the most successful anonymous social media apps, Secret, decided to shut down the app after dealing with cyberbullying, racism and sexism Constine, ; Thielman, Inside Higher Ed Popular Tags.


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Anonymity is an extremely powerful concept, especially when it converges with our online writing. I can feel close to the students we work with even collegf I prefer to live away from them. On a given day, I open Yik Yak on my iPhone and am exposed to college conversations. Yik Yak forced yjk conversation of modern day racism because it provided written, undeniable racist comments.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone reveals when he found out about linebacker Telvin Smith’s decision to sit out in The succession struggles being played out publicly among the Buss family and their confidants is precisely what the former Lakers owner hoped would never happen.

File – Digital Rhetoric Analysis

Studies ywk shown that the more time adolescents spend online the more likely they are to be cyberbullied Berson, et al. And on Facebook, the private has always been public. It desensitizes people and creates a playground for bullying and harassment. The global village, whether enacted on Yik Yak or in a dormitory, can be a pretty difficult place to live in.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

Yzk open forum to spread hate? Account Activated Your account has been reactivated. Bullying is often seen as a group process Salmivalli, and research utilizing naturalistic observations found that peers are present in 85 percent of all bullying episodes Hawkins, et al. Towards a more ethical design process: The poll, taken Monday, reportedly showed increased support