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This thesis presents a method of manufacturing control, which considers the broadened task structure of manufacturing control in CPPS. Production scheduling is a key part of intelligent production in the context of Industry 4. Building such a framework provides a practical tool which links being green and being economically successful. This is nothing new, but it is a much more important requirement today. M H Maged Hassanien Author.

Employees can use the simulation game developed to train their skills using authentic cooperation scenarios. Without permanent optimisation and adjustment, companies cannot survive in international competition. A mere assertion of success or the claim of innovative, qualitatively demanding further training is no longer sufficient. From the point of view of the economic efficiency of educational investments, the educational departments within a company are faced with the task of making the results of education transparent and providing proof of success in order to justify these very investments, in addition to the usually extremely intensive costs of education. Integrierte Planung von Produktions- und Transportprozessen mittels gemischt-ganzzahliger Optimierung Integrated production and transport scheduling by mixed-integer programming Optimal coordination of production and transport operations In industry, nowadays, production planning and transport planning are done separately, while the related physical processes within a supply chain are closely linked with each other. Education must be long-term – the company must set its goals long-term – plan its products and services long-term – plan its finances long-term, etc. The concept was tested under real-life conditions and is now already being used to develop commercial TC services.

The developed integrated planning method for production and distribution scheduling is based on a framework with a multi-stage decomposition and integration procedure of the sub-problems. After carrying out computational experiments on benchmark instances with up to orders and 20 machines, and conducting comparisons with controlllng approaches, the results indicate that the SB method that has been developed is currently the most promising approach for practical applications.

Management is required to provide concrete proof of success. In nature the evolution has created mature constructional principles which can serve as models for technical lightweight constructions.


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The self-optimizing processes explored in this dissertation combine the potentials for single piece production with similarities in the machining process. Employees dissertatikn previously kmi no direct connection with collaborative processes are faced with new tasks that they are not always able to overcome. The aim is to identify policies and strategies that will ensure an efficient operation of the production system, evenif there are high degrees of complexity and dynamic boundary conditions.

Due to their dynamic nature, these processes are difficult to manage from a technical point of view, meaning that numerous technical components are used.

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Verlagsgruppe Mainz GmbH, zgl. This presupposes clarity as to what is actually to be achieved through further training. The method is evaluated in flexible flow shop and job shop scenarios and benchmarked with traditional methods of manufacturing control.

To exploit the intrinsic material properties, various plastics were combined and built into a component. Conclusion is that they have to think long-term about the education of their employees in order to generate their own potential for the future – because the labour market does not provide sufficient skilled workers in the long term at the same time.

The mmu research question was: The production and logistics networks — which vary controllinh project to project — have to cope with significant logistical challenges and extremely dynamic circumstances.

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Untersuchung der Dynamik von selbststeuernden Prozessen in produktionslogistischen Systemen anhand ereignisdiskreter Simulationsmodelle In: In their machining departments, both automated NC programming and continual optimization processes for cutting strategies promise a great potential for efficiency enhancement.

This thesis is concerned with the conception of a design method for modeling mobile interaction devices with a special focus upon intelligent production environments.

This tool enables the generation of technical design recommendations to be followed by product developers creating mobile interaction devices in the early phases of product development.

dissertation controlling kmu

Bildungs-Controlling — Personalentwicklung effizient planen, steuern und kontrollieren, S. This means that both the company’s own employees and older employees must be taken into account in personnel development in the long term.


To achieve this, ITIL offers a range of flexible tools and processes that have proved themselves in practice. However, not much research has been devoted to exploring systematically this technology’s influence on the dynamics of container flows. Grundlagen, Prozesse, Outsourcing, S.

The implementation of autonomous logistic processes in production systems is capable of improving logistic target achievement in connection with increasing complexity. This thesis presents a method of manufacturing control, which considers the broadened task structure of manufacturing control in CPPS.

Bildungscontrolling — ein Konzept zur Optimierung der betrieblichen Weiterbildung, S. In addition to this, the development of reconfigurable machine tools can dissertatioj capacity flexibility in the future. Publish now – it’s free. The ability to plan the estimated throughput time of individual orders precisely in advance is of key importance for manufacturing companies, as it allows them to accurately predict the earliest possible delivery date.

Companies will be reliant on cost-intensive consulting, process restructuring and the purchase of software to support processes. Further training should be carried out economically, effectively and efficiently and ultimately be reflected in the success of the company. Delivery time uncertainty in dynamic supply networks Improved Control, more Reliability Complex networks of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors are characterized by uncertainty. The focus of this investigation is different design choices and hyperparameters and their influence on the overall detection result.

Critical routes were defined in PERT networks, and the uncertainty of the compliance with a specific delivery date was calculated by means of a combination of stochastic and mathematical models. Leistung durch Vielfalt, pp.