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Google, after all, is a model Telco 2. While there is a lot being said about creating mashups, it is less clear how one can create services that can be converged via mashups. Continue reading “Platform businesses: A Weird Consensus… Telco 2. Red Hat Telco 2. Virgin Mobile in India. Now you can, thanks to Nokia researcher Paul Coulson.

Or something used when drilling for oil? If it cannot detect the recipient signal, it would resend the data until the confirmation arrived or it concluded there was fundamental problem. Maybe they could have a crack at the space elevator instead? Key process interfaces that enable new services must be made available to external parties securely and on-demand. Log In Sign Up. Increasingly, this concept is being applied to content such as video, particularly as telecommunications operators consider how they can differentiate emerging IPTV services against the current offerings from established mass-market broadcasters. One of the strategies operators are employing to realize this vision is the deployment of IPTV services to households around the world.

One of the important insights to come from the Telco 2. In an attempt to clarify this, he defines a platform as any system casw of modification by the user; we broadly agree with this. The ability to broker engagement between a number of 3rd parties and consumers through the most-watched screen in the household today.

More on both of these anon. And therein lie the big questions: A series of posts followed in the telco blogosphere, proposing interesting ideas for telco mashups.


Red Hat Telco 2. Take the Telco 2.

This requires stronger leadership – a recurring theme of the event. Continue reading “Technical Architecture 2. For such business models, research has shown that consumers place much higher value on the availability of niche products that appeal to their specific interests, than on the pricing of those products.

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A survey on SDP, developer communities, and app stores: These increasingly overlap with telco functions. It avoids wild flights of fancy about sophisticated combinatorial services, and focuses on practical implementation concerns of mobile broadband.

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It rightly sees the mobile ecosystem as a co-evolution of devices, access and services. Until we see the business models, jubilation or damnation is premature.

A Weird Consensus… Telco 2. So we were very interested by a recent NANOG thread regarding improvements in how the Internet deals with major congestion on backbone links. Continue reading “Telco 2.

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For all the above examples, their businesses are all centred on very large IT platforms and their economic models often involve selling at very low prices, or even giving services away, in order to pull in more volume.

Nonetheless, this is an extremely important document. Who would think a few years ago that the telco industry would ever reach a pace of innovation comparable to the web world? As additional context please see below a detailed write up of the recent Net Neutrality conference in London organised by the Broadband Stakeholder Group detailing the experiences of the BBC, 3UK, Ericsson, Cisco, and including valuable data on network costs.


L3 platforms are proven to work well in the enterprise middleware market and are starting to take off in the telco middleware space as well. Computerworld asks – are we on the edge of a mobile advertising disaster comparable to the spam phenomenon?

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Furthermore, Microsoft is active across all of technoloties B2B value-added service areas we believe will drive future telco growth: The article argued that while Level 1 and 2 platforms are feasible and will evolve, Level 3 platforms have no future.

The argument is that the diversity of possible platforms, the difficulty telcos especially and vendors have relating to the developer world, aeb the restrictive terms of business they apply, have rendered it just too difficult for a real developer ecosystem to emerge.

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Yesterday, on the Telco 2. For the content of our own opening keynote presentation, click here. Below is a summary analysis of the Technical Architecture 2. Your input is important. There are common business processes that every consumer-facing organisation undertakes. Juoebox reading “21C Global Summit: This is a serious problem, because electricity cannot be stored easily.