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This means that, as well as choosing which university you would like to apply to, you also need to pick a college at that university. Although being able to prepare in advance is preferable, if you change your mind about what you would like to study over the course of year 12 then you can work on strengthening your application over the summer between year 12 and year The University of Cambridge require applicants to complete a supplementary application questionnaire SAQ to allow them to learn more about students than the UCAS form will allow. Location London Birmingham Cambridge. Both Oxford and Cambridge universities are made up of individual colleges, as well as different academic departments. If you receive offers from them, you will need to consider whether you would be happy to study there instead or whether you would prefer to take a year out after your A levels and reapply to Oxbridge for entry the following October.

The SAQ includes a photograph of you, so that they know what you look like at your interview — some applicants have been known to send substitutes masquerading as them to interview instead — and information like your UMS scores and GCSE module grades. However do mention them if you are also applying to unis that consider them important – and link them to academic skills such as time management, organisation, teamwork etc. You only have 4, characters so you need to take the time to plan carefully what to include and how to include it as concisely as possible. Admissions tests These are assessments taken by all applicants to a subject, regardless of College. Attend Oxford and Cambridge Open Days, decide where to apply. Quality is more important than quantity. It is a good idea to practice expressing yourself clearly when talking about academic things with other people something lots of people have little experience with before their interview.

At Cambridge, subject requirements may also vary from one college to another. Please note that separate registration is required in many cases. Oxford and Cambridge require many students to take admissions tests as part of the application process.

Oxford and Cambridge are known for their tutorial approach to teaching, which means that during their degree students will prepare work and will then spend an hour discussing that work with a university academic.


If you cannot decide which college to apply to then it is possible to submit an open application, meaning that the admissions board will allocate you a college.

Your personal statement needs to convince an Oxford or Cambridge admissions tutor that you are worth meeting for an interview. This perssonal definitely the scariest part of the application process.

UCAS Application – Supplementary application questionnaire advice

It took four drafts for her to be happy enough to send it off. While we hope you apply to Peterhouse, the truth is that the colleges are all pretty similar and everyone loves where they end up! Year 11 three years before stayement intend to start university Do: Colleges provide academic and pastoral support and arrange small group tuition, sometimes with a tutor or supervisor from another college.

Cambridge usually comes above Oxford in the Complete University Guide rankings but this is in part because of subject mix. There was a furore in when a Cambridge University admissions tutor wrote in the Emmanuel College magazine that he uses Facebook to get additional information about applicants. While academic departments are responsible for core teaching and assessment, a college will be your home when studying.

Certain grades may be required at Higher Level.

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This means they can genuinely take a holistic approach – putting together information about your grades, personal statement, reference, admissions tests, interviews, other achievements in the context of your school, background and any extenuating circumstances.

Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all universitt the universities they are considering, where this is feasible. Contrary to many popular myths about the interviews, there are no tricks or mind games involved. GCSE is very different to A level and as you progress to university, what you learn unjversity how you learn it will differ enormously again.

The deadline for this is usually early May.

cambridge university saq personal statement

Each college will have a diverse range of students — usually including both undergraduate and graduate students — studying across a range of subject areas. Entry requirements Make sure you expect to achieve the required A Levels, International Baccalaureate IB grades or other equivalent qualifications. Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has uuniversity any of it.


What makes Oxbridge so special?

cambridge university saq personal statement

Oxbridge are looking for intellectually curious students who are genuinely passionate about their area of interest. Tutors have often devoted their life to their subject, so of course they want to teach students who share their enthusiasm. If your school will help arrange a practice interview then take advantage of this and spend time simply speaking out loud about your subject and becoming more comfortable in discussing it.

What is the Cambridge SAQ?

Oxford refers to these sessions as ‘tutorials’ while Cambridge calls them ‘supervisions’. Degrees like Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Cambridge or Classics and Oriental Studies Oxford will all help you to develop analytical univeristy and skills attractive to future employers.

Each college offers the same excellent standard of teaching and has the same very high academic standards. Topics Access to university. If you are planning to make a university application to either Cambridge or Oxford together known as ‘Oxbridge’read on for our complete guide, based on an original article by University unkversity Oxford staff. Universiyt university has a slightly different approach to differentiating between applicants.

The SAQ is on online form, with 8 sections: Although this does not seem like long, it is sufficient as long as you get to work straight away and allow enough time to seek advice and re-draft, just like you did with your personal statement.

Sessions may happen as frequently as once or even twice each week, depending on your course.