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Computer and Architecture h. Inserted pages numbered 10a, 10b, 10c, etc. Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis c. Please refer to Appendix E. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bounded. Remember me on this computer. Normally the abstract does not include any reference to the literature.

By Luke Bastian Ladia. Must be physically present during the proposal and final oral presentation to provide support and clarifications for and in behalf of the team. An incomplete and improperly formatted will not be allowed for the oral defense. For example, you could choose one of the following: Requirements in the Preparation of Final Report Manuscript 1. Usually it includes the phases and its sub-phase of the systems development life cycle. For Information Technology capstone projects, the recommended infrastructure and its implications on other systems should be clearly specified in the final report with the introduction of the project.

Thesis for bsit

After Research Methods three thesis writing stages are required with the following intentions. Define the game genre and flavor. Type the first line of an entry from the left but indent the guifelines lines by five letter spaces. The introductory pages are important because they create the first and perhaps lasting impression on the examiner.

bsit thesis guidelines

A student asked to make a second oral examination will be considered to have failed the first oral examination. Inform their adviser where their project work will be performed and where they can be contacted during the time-tabled project period. It should articulate the motivation of the author s in undertaking the project or thesis. Slight modifications on the original recommended format were done to align to the university format without sacrificing the standards to will meet the criteria of a scholarly written terminal report in Computer Science and Information Technology IT.


Arabic numerals are used. Margins on other sides shall be two and a half centimeters or one inch.

The Computer Science thesis must be anchored on Bsot Science principles. Login Please login using your credentials recived by email when you register. These are generalized statements from a micro to a macro level based on the answers to each of the specific problems ur each of the specific objectives. See Appendix A b.

Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems; d. All symbols shall be from an acceptable font. Contents of Spine should include the thsis Bsit thesis sample Bsir a b cb e ccb bf bda. Peter Termine Galerie Kontakt. Thesis Capstone Project Guidelines v Thesis pages. Keep a record of their contact with the student and the project work done in accordance with guidelines prescribed herein. Title or caption is set below the figure. The approval sheet should be signed by those concerned before acceptance of the Office of the College Dean.


As part of administrative responsibility, the College Dean may sit during the oral examination. It is important that the section starts with a paragraph that describes what the readers should expect on it. Click here to sign up. Text in figures and in tables must be readable, and the font size shall not be smaller than 9 point. The text and all reference pages, including the Appendices, are numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers, beginning with 1 on the first page of the text.

Bsit thesis

With reputable industry or field experience or expertise relative to the area of research to be advised b. The thesis abstract is a summary of the thesis undertaking.

Be explicit as to whether an existing theory will be verified or another theory will be developed or proposed; c.

bsit thesis guidelines

Acceptable serif type font style is Arial 12 or Times New Roman All letters in the cover shall be in gold, font 14 using Bookman Old Style, and all capital letters. Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic copy stored in CD-RW. Usually it includes the phases and its sub-phase of the systems development life cycle.