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The task now is to revise and make links between the CSPs, media types, theories and debates we’ve studied over the whole course. The broadcast begins with a music performance that is increasingly interrupted by breaking news of martians invading New Jersey. Posted by Mr Halsey at 1: Hybrid genre Orson Welles was initially reluctant to adapt War of the Worlds, describing it as ‘boring’. Posted by Mr Halsey at 9: Wednesday, April 03, Easter coursework sessions. As we saw in the Media Awards, the standard expected at A Level is exceptionally high and you need to take advantage of these opportunities and collect every mark you can.

OSP assessment 4 Videogames: CSPs final index We now need to create a final index of all our indexes – one for each of the nine media types. The Section Areej Mehdi: The quality level at both GCSE and A Level is just remarkable and there has been a lot of very good work that hasn’t made the cut. As ever, this will highlight if you’ve missed anything through absence or trips and allow you to catch up if you have fallen behind with anything in the last fortnight. Posted by Mr Halsey at

aqa mest 2 coursework

This meant Welles’s use of radio news conventions had more of an impact on listeners who were unaware that it was a fictional radio play. After this date, we will be marking and moderating the coursework before sending it to AQA for approval.

Macguffin – Year 13

The event sold out in just four days last year! Finders Keepers Kian Upfold: Henry Jenkins – fandom and participatory culture 7 Videogames: Remember, the most important aspect of any mock exam is making mistakes and learning from them.


aqa mest 2 coursework

This is what’s coming up in the exams: Our Media Factsheet archive is on the Media Shared drive: Posted by Mr Halsey at 8: If not, was there a point in history audiences were more susceptible ckursework believing anything they saw or heard in the media?

The original Orson Welles broadcast is available here: Get your practice answers into us during lesson time over the next couple of weeks and we’ll mark it and give you final feedback – it could make the difference and help you get the grade you need! This also means you if you have missed anything you can catch up with the work and notes and won’t underperform in PPEs or exams due to coursewrok in your knowledge.

jest You can find this additional glossary here. War of the Worlds We’ve covered 18 CSPs across nine different types of media in a little over 12 months – that’s impressive! Your Videogames index should include the following: High School Teen Saira Abubacker: The vital date for your diaries: It is a text of historical significance due to a long-running debate over the effect the broadcast had over audiences at the time.

Macguffin – Year 13

We are now at the end of our final targeted CSPs unit: Read the factsheet and answer the following questions: Here, we need to coursedork analyse our performance in Paper 2 and identify specific ways we will improve for the real exam on Thursday 13 June PM.


This means the content is complete!

This needs to link to YOUR index for each of these media types and means you can look over all your work for each topic. He was persuaded by the prospect of using recent developments in radio news reporting to create a hybrid-form radio play designed to sound like a real breaking news story.

Keep working hard on the revision and remember all the resources we’ve provided – MediaEdu access, Knowledge Organisers, practice questions for every CSP and much more. As promised, we’ve put together a short glossary of these terms just in courseworo one comes up in a question in the upcoming exams.

aqa mest 2 coursework

Sunday, May 19, Additional terminology: As we saw in the Media Awards, the standard expected at A Level is exceptionally high and you need to take advantage of these opportunities and collect every mark you can. The details for this year’s awards: You need to make sure Mr Shepherd has the following: With a new specification this is even more important and remember we’re learning from this process too.

Rock and a Hard Place Krissah Rolle: Monday, March 04, Radio: